Welcome to Baby Mind


What is Baby Mind?

Baby Mind is the baby reward coin of Mind Music ($MND). It has been set up to help raise awareness for mental health by rewarding holders with its parent coin. Through the power of memes and rewards, Baby Mind hopes to capture the imagination of the masses.

To draw further attention to the project, Baby Mind will play an important role in the wider Talentverse Ecosystem. Through the distribution of NFT's and the creation of a peer to peer NFT marketplace, Baby Mind holders will see a consistent price increase of the coin.

5% of all the trading and purchase fees of any NFT's traded through the Baby Mind platform will be used to buy back the coin, while an additional 5% will be used to pair with the purchased tokens and put them into the liquidity of the coin.

What is Mind Music?

Mind Music is a long-term secure project with a doxed team and a WORLD FIRST utility. Mind Music powers its own independent record label that will be collaborating with artists around the world. The recorded music industry is worth over $20 Billion every year. Mind Music hopes to capture just a small proportion of this market and make a difference to millions of people suffering.

20% of all the profits from the record label will be used to buy & burn the token and increase its value for the holders, while the remaining 80% of the profits will be donated to suicide prevention and mental health charities. Check out Mind Records HERE.